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Top OWI & Criminal Defense Lawyer in Indianapolis

If Charged With a Crime Anywhere in Indiana, Do Not Lose Hope. I Am Here To Help You. Call me for free anytime. When needing a top lawyer, you never have to face a prosecution alone. With almost 25 years of courtroom experience behind you, I’ll help get your life back on track.

I know that just the thought of having to speak to an attorney can be a frightening experience. Once charged with a crime it’s often hard to get your bearings. You might have had the traumatic experience of having to rescue a loved one from jail following an arrest and have witnessed the destructive power of short term incarceration. You may be reading this following an Initial Hearing only to learn that the possibility of significantly more jail time looms as a possible penalty down the road.

Together we work to restore hope and a plan of action that restores confidence that you will survive this ordeal with dignity and a continued bright future. No matter the education level or working experience of those seeking my assistance, most people have thankfully never been through the criminal process. Others who have may now realize that their circumstances have become far more serious than before. My obligation is to provide all who come to me with the confidence that they are in good hands and a renewed faith and comfort that they will be legally protected to the full extent of the law.


1.) Do Not Allow Pride Or Shame From Contacting A Lawyer As Soon As Possible.

When facing criminal charges or under criminal investigation, time is not on your side. Once charges have been filed there are time sensitive deadlines to protect your legal rights and defenses. Once these deadlines have passed, invaluable legal weapons available to the most skilled trial attorney could be made unavailable. If charged with a crime or under criminal investigation, a prosecutor or investigator needs to be put on notice immediately that you or someone you care for will be in position to challenge any and all baseless charges or excessive settlement options.

Good people too often allow pride or the humiliation of being prosecuted from getting in the way of reaching out to an experienced attorney for the help they will surely need. Not making a criminal prosecution the biggest priority in your life when being targeted by law enforcement will be one of the riskiest decisions you will ever make.

When confused and unsure of where to turn for legal protection it is always the right move to contact an attorney immediately. Almost all of the best lawyers will be pleased to help advise you on the best ways to protect you at no charge. Securing such free legal advice can be the best investment of time you will ever undertake. Praying that criminal charges or an investigation will simply go away is often the costliest decision of all.

2.) Don’t Be Lead To Believe That You Can Talk Your Way Out Of A Prosecution.

Many of my clients are professionals or tradesman, well trained and accomplished within their respective fields. Most have achieved such success by hard work and preparation in their areas of expertise. Such individuals are often well regarded and accustomed to getting along well with others. Unfortunately, this popularity or intelligence can decieve one into believing that they have the ability to match wits with law enforcement. No amount of effort, kindness  or pleading will convince a detective or prosecutor to spare someone from legal scrutiny and ultimate prosecution without the threat of an effective legal advocate by your side.

A capable attorney is like Kryptonite to law enforcement. Without an attorney to shield you, an interrogator has the freedom to manipulate you and everything that comes out of your mouth. The jovial detective may make you feel secure and rather good about yourself. Perhaps you know the same people, have been to the same nightspots or root for the same sports team. You contribute to the sherrif’s department? Heck, maybe when our interview is done we’ll go out for a beer!

The smiling detective or prosecutor showing you undivided attention is not your friend. Only an unemployed interviewer tries to intimidate or put in fear one they are trying to extract information from. By gaining your trust and finding common interests, the successful questioner attempts to trap the suspect into freely expressing himself or herself without an attorney. It is then only a matter of time before you will next meet the same thoughtful cop coming to you with handcuffs or testifying against you in court.  At that time you will learn the extent by which the statements you previously have made have been manipulated beyond all recognition.

3.) A Local General Practice Attorney Is Almost Always the Wrong Choice To Defend You From Legal Harm.

One of the most common and costly mistakes people make when selecting an attorney to protect them from criminal punishment is to conveniently retain a local lawyer where the criminal charges have been filed. The common belief is that the lawyer’s proximity to the local courthouse will somehow benefit the person being criminally charged. Too many of my clients come to me from these “local” lawyers. Mostly local general practice lawyers who simply do not have the specialized knowledge, skill and/or desire to make waves or hold their colleagues they see on an everyday basis accountable for an inappropriate prosecution and/or excessive criminal punishment.

Perhaps this “jack of all trades” lawyer has a valuable personal injury case before the judge across the street and is unwilling to risk a potential payout by “inconveniencing” such a judge with a vigorous, time consuming defense of just another defendant. Frequently the general practice attorney may be little more than one serving the interests of his buddy within the prosecutor’s office; unwilling to risk a relationship over a one time client the lawyer may never encounter again.

In all communities, unless a lawyer is at the top of his or her legal specialty, the attorney simply cannot often afford to limit a legal practice to one area of law to earn a living. As a result, in many unfortunate cases, the client will eventually discover that the local lawyer has not devoted his or her efforts to the cause of criminal law and/or is not willing to sacrifice standing among local peers by gaining a reputation for “needlessly” challenging unwarranted prosecutions.

4.)  How You Are Billed By a Lawyer Could Determine Your Legal Outcome.

Timing is always a critical element to the successful resolution of a prosecution. Sometimes great benefit can come from taking advantage of an early settlement offer that can favorably resolve a criminal case without the risk of trial. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for an attorney’s financial interest to get in the way of what is in the client’s best legal interest. For this reason. the best attorneys will usually only accept flat fee payments when representing a client challenging a prosecution. In too many cases clients have been carelessly represented by lawyers who have delayed resolution of a criminal case for the purpose of inflating the amount of hours that can be billed.

Experienced lawyers know that hourly fee agreements provide a financial incentive for attorneys to prolong the anxiety of a criminal prosecution. Even worse, beneficial legal options conditioned on early settlement of a case are either never communicated by such attorneys to a client or withdrawn by a frustrated prosecutor.  Flat fee agreements provide clients with the needed security of knowing that cases will be resolved without time as a consideration. Although all steps should be taken by a lawyer to resolve a prosecution as soon as possible, a client who has entrusted us with their legal protection deserves nothing less than the best legal options available no matter the time it takes to secure them.

Stark Law Offices, P.C. – Over Twenty Years Of Proven Results Anywhere In The State

I take great pride in the fact that many of my clients over the years have reconnected with me to touch base as to how productive their lives have become since the unfortunate circumstances that brought us together. In my opinion, there is simply no substitute for the relationships built through personal contact when working through legal challenges together.

I understand that in the age of email and text communication it is often far more convenient for people to correspond through such mediums when seeking immediate information. However, although we gladly accept contact through email communication and have convenient offices to serve all regions of the state, I have found that the most effective and efficient way to respond to any questions is initially by a simple easy to understand conversation by phone.

I recognize that when people call me for help they are trying to understand a legal process they often know little about. After calling me for the first time, I assure you that you will emerge with a new found feeling of hope that you have the information you need not to become a victim. I will make sure that you understand the real world penalties you face, the realistic costs of an effective legal defense and most importantly, strategies that can best protect you based upon the county and court your case is in.

Many clients never have the need to travel to meet with me in person for me to best serve them anywhere in the state. My office places are courts of law where my personal appearance is most required and my actions are most effective. Once we speak you will better understand how this unique process works and how your case will be handled conveniently, but most significantly, effectively, wherever you may live, whether statewide, the United States or around the world.

Stark Law Offices, P.C.

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