Juvenile Defense Lawyer

We help kids in trouble wherever they may be. As a top Indiana Juvenile Court Attorney it is my responsibility to work with parents to protect children from destructive legal punishment.

Call Me For Free To Learn What I Do And How To Best Help Your Child. Working together we work hard to see that that a juvenile court outcome is fair and in the best interests of the child’s well being. If your child is in need of legal help, call us. With our help, we make sure that parents have a strong voice in safeguarding the future of the child they love. We’ll be by you and your child’s side every step of the way.

At Stark Law Offices, my clear goal is to to everything legally possible to get juvenile charges dismissed or reduced in an effort to preserve a child’s future educational and employment opportunities. Too often an overworked prosecutor or underfunded probation department simply does not take the time to assess your child’s unique circumstances, as it is simply too easy for law enforcement authorities to resort to an unreasonable criminal penalty for a juvenile offense to the detriment of a child’s future goals and aspirations.

Defending a child is entirely different than defending an adult against a criminal accusation. Within juvenile court not only must an attorney effectively deal with a prosecutor, but also a probation department officer who also has a say in the final outcome of a court ordered penalty where warranted. As a result, it is crucially important that your lawyer understand how to deal with both entities in order to get them on the same page for the well being of your child.

Frequently juvenile court judges will examine the family situation of the child put before them. Basically, a juvenile court will often look to determine whether the parent(s) or guardian(s) are part of the problem or the solution for the child’s continued welfare. Recognizing this reality is crucial for a defense lawyer, for to not seek the protection of a parent or guardian as well as the accused child is to put the responsible adult in legal peril, whether in criminal court or with child protective services who can seek to remove a child from a home.

If criminal charges against a juvenile are able to be substantiated, it is the responsibility of a capable and experienced attorney to make sure that any “punishment” be one that is potentially helpful to a child and the child’s family in the form of counseling or any other rehabilitative treatment.

At all cost, everything legally possible must be done to prevent a child from being “waived” to an adult court supervision where a child can ultimately be sent to an adult prison. Short of the ultimate sanction of adult treatment, your juvenile attorney must know all effective legal strategies to prevent a child from being removed from a home to Boys or Girls School, possibly to an out of state facility, or juvenile detention or jail where a child most likely will be released with far more emotional problems than when sentenced.

Stark Law Offices strives to be part of the solution to your child’s legal difficulties by working with parent(s) or guardian(s) to do everything legally possible to either have criminal charges dismissed, or in the alternative, to challenge a prosecutor or probation department early and often in order to ensure that your child is treated fairly and appropriately. In so doing, in the event that a juvenile charge is warranted, it is our hope that we can be a significant factor in utilizing legal resources of the juvenile court to a child in need’s advantage in the form of court assisted counseling and/or supervision as opposed to the destructive impact of imprisonment, detention or removal from home. Ultimately, no matter whether your child is facing a major or minor juvenile offense, it is imperative that all be done to preserve your child’s future educational and career related opportunities. At Stark Law Offices we will not allow your child to be taken advantage of.