Stark Law Offices, P.C. – 101 W. Ohio St., Indianapolis, IN 46204


For twenty five years good people in bad situations have benefited from our experience and reputation in all criminal courtrooms of Indiana. No matter where in the state your case is being held, our 101 W. Ohio St. location is available to serve you either by visiting or simply calling us anytime for a free phone consultation.

In fact, for most clients, especially those dealing with cases throughout the state, a cost free initial phone conversation will often be a refreshing way for good people to get the answers they are looking for without the stress of feeling like they are on a billing clock.

For those who would prefer an office visit, our downtown office is located on the 20th floor of the Old National Building at the corner of Ohio and Illinois streets. Once you’ve arrived we would be pleased to show off our wonderful view of the city skyline. More importantly, we would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that you have found a lawyer you can count on whether through an office visit or free phone discussion at a time most convenient for you.

Stark Law Offices, P.C.,  101 W. Ohio St., Indianapolis, IN  46204  (317) 273-8888

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My Thoughts On Representation:

As an attorney for twenty five years, I believe I have a fairly good idea as to what people are looking for from a lawyer. They want their lawyer to be human with real world experience. They want to know that their attorney has compassion for their circumstances and doesn’t look upon them as a criminal. They want a two way dialogue with their attorney and not to be lectured. Most importantly, they want a battle tested fighter on their side who gets results. I am here and available to you or someone you love. I am here to listen and address your questions and concerns at no cost.

Please take time to review my summary of legal information contained throughout our website that lawyers do not always want people to be aware of.  We believe the information contained here is second to none and not easily found elsewhere.